About Us

About Us

Redroofs Nursery School is one of the poorest schools in Bundung Borehole in the Gambia. The school was established on the 16th of October 2014 by Mr Abdoulie Nyassi who graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Development (E.C.D).
He started his project in an incomplete building to share his knowledge with the poor children.

– Established October 2014 –

– Abdoulie Nyassi –

Headmaster of Redroofs Nursery & Primary School Gambia, Bundung

“I am from a poor family and as such during my school days, I was sometimes sent home because my parents couldn’t always pay the school fees. It’s against this background, that I decided to come up with the initiative of helping the poor children so as to avoid them getting to experience what I did. I know how it feels.”

– together we can make it –

I started the school with just 15 pupils aged from 3 to 7 years, and it was established in order to help the poor children who did not have access to education.

Back then in 2014 to 2015, the school was in an incomplete building where we had experience a lot of difficulties but we managed to cope with them. At the end of the year however, I was given a notice to quit the building as the landlord wanted to occupy his building with his family. I hardly slept during this period with the worry of where to take the poor children and how to keep the school ongoing during this difficult times.

Good fortune smiled upon us. During the summer holiday, I met a kind gentleman who was renting the present school ground. I shared with him my passion to provide education for the children and he was moved by the dream of helping them to build a future. He kindly agreed and gave me the chance to rent it.
During this time there was one room and I managed to squeeze all the children into this small space. Soon after we began work to improve and expand, and over several years we have managed to grow the school to 3 classrooms. And the best part is that every year the school graduates 35 students to the primary school. 2019 we have started a primary school with just two classrooms and we would like to extend it to 6 classrooms if there are sponsors as the school entirely depends on sponsors.

The ground we are occupying is a rental property and our biggest dream is to have it as ours.
As it is mentioned in our logo “together we can make it“.

– Abdoulie Nyassi –

“I thank you all for your valuable support towards the improvement of the school. “

Documented improvements of the school building